Why PurAcell?

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There are two types of spray foam, open cell and closed cell. Our experienced PurAcell spray foam installation contractors will assist you in deciding which is the correct spray foam to use to suit your requirements. Puracell contractors are professional commercial and household installers of spray foam. They are fully trained experts and use only the best materials available, POC™500 and PCC™2000 by Puracell. They will explain the difference between the products so you can decide whether to use open cell insulation or closed cell insulation. Sometimes a combination of both types foams for different areas of installation may be required.

When our contractors finish a installation it is inspected and tested, so you can rest easy knowing that our Puracell insulation contractors have done it without cutting any corners, and that your insulation is installed correctly.



PurAcell approved insulation contractors

We operate an approved contractor system within PurAcell. This means that only fully-trained contractors can use our spray foam. Only approved PurAcell contractors can spray our insulation, as they are the only contractors that use our spray foam. We don't supply anyone else with our PurAcell spray foam products. Over the years our contractors have helped many people have a warmer and healthier environment to live and work in.


Puracell Insulators
PurAcell insulation is a long-term solution. Unlike traditional insulation materials, it remains stable for many years and and does not degenerate over time. This means that anyone using PurAcell spray foam contractors will have years of peace-of-mind in the knowledge that their property is insulated long-term.


Advantages of using PurAcell contractors

There are several advantages in using an approved PurAcell spray foam contractor:

  • The products they use are direct from PurAcell
  • They are trained in using spray foam
  • There is accountability
  • The contractors use only approved PurAcell spray foam
  • Reduced risk of amateur contractors


Our spray foam is excellent at getting into cracks and crevices and adds stability to a structure along with offering air-tightness and noise reduction without the build-up of harmful gases in you property. There is less risk of dampness setting in from the build-up of moisture and condensation.

Compared with the usual traditional insulation, PurAcell spray foam offers outstanding results and it is clear that our insulation is the best option for application in the home or commercial premises.