PurAcell Sprayfoam is widely used in agricultural buildings for many and varied reasons. The system can be deployed for temperature control in buildings such as vegetable stores where temperature and humidity control are of utmost importance. Other buildings such as cold stores and storage facilities can often be treated with up to 125mm of sprayfoam, providing effective, economical, and durable solutions.

Storage sheds for machinery and agricultural vehicles benefit from sprayfoam application by preventing dampness and condensation which leads to rust damage and costly depreciation.

Condensation Control
Condensation control is major problem for agricultural buildings such as vegetable stores/grain stores, or general storage buildings, as many are constructed with galvanise or single-skin cladding. These buildings will suffer badly with condensation and dripping, especially during winter months and frosty nights. When a 25mm coating of PurAcell sprayfoam is applied to the underside of the cladding the condensation is completely eliminated forever.

Another key benefit of the sprayfoam is protecting the longevity of the roof and reducing the risk of rust and deterioration.

PURACELL SPRAYFOAM: Total Condensation Elimination