Suspended Floor Insulation

The lightweight and durable nature of our products make them very suitable for suspended floor insulation in the home or commercial building. PurAcell open cell sprayfoam insulation is a perfect fit due to it's fully-breathable characteristics and custom fit for each application.

The ideal insulation solution for a suspended floor, a card or net is fitted to the underside of the joists and than filled with open cell polyurethane through the spraying process. The key benefit is the foam adheres to each side of the joist and is the complete airtight system. Fitting insulated boards or fibers systems has no comparison in terms of U-values achieved or air tightness.

So for your next project ensure you insist on PurAcell Sprayfoam Insulation - The perfect fit all the time, every time.

High quality floor insulation
If you want a high quality, perfectly fitting insulation that will provide a heat loss barrier and ensure noise reduction on upper-level floors, then look no further than PurAcell sprayfoam insulation. Our affordable, ecologically sustainable, insulation will protect any suspended or other timber floor and give you the results you would expect in any modern property as well as ensuring that crucial ventilation is maintained throughout the build up.

PurAcell sprayfoam insulation is a tried-and-proven system used extensively throughout Canada and the U.S. for over 30 years. Talk with our professional expert contractors and seek advice on which product to use in your floor insulation project.

Easy application to suspended floors
Sprayfoam is a quick, easy, and practical solution to insulating suspended floor systems in any project. Unlike cumbersome alternatives such as fiber and insulated board, there is no cutting , no waste and you only pay for the area covered, not for the off cuts and waste as other systems incur.

Apart from being an excellent choice for low-cost insulation, our insulation products are healthy and safe and our eco-friendly sprayfoam insulation does not give off gases or harmful particles.

PurAcell - Your Partner in Insulation